The SecuoS Consulting Team comprises ten top consultants based in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, who have built up the Availability Assurance process in Shell and BP, until 2010. The Team's activities include studies and optimisation on all areas of security of supply and availability assurance. Our clients include all of the top five independent oil & gas companies for whom we carry out integrated cross-business studies and special projects. Our primary business is to help clients to identify opportunities in negotiations, remove design capacity and operational availability bottlenecks and realise opportunities for supply chain optimisation. The value added pervades through the life cycle of the facilities from the conceptual design upto the end of life maintenance and decommissioning.

The Team has a solid track record in system effectiveness optimisation in oil and gas production and transport (both upstream and midstream), but also downstream activities including refining complexes, LNG and Gas to Liquids conversion, chemical plants, power generation, water treatment facilities, wind farms, and steam injection systems.

Svetlana Borovkova

Senior Consultant and Instructor

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Svetlana Borovkova is Associate Professor of Quantitative Finance at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, She has specialized in applying mathematical and statistical methods to problems in the finance and energy sectors. She is frequently consulted by major banks and energy firms, most notably for her work in reliability, energy trading and market modeling. She is a principal consultant of the DataDecision consulting firm, specializing in risk and reliability. Dr. Borovkova is a frequent speaker on international finance and energy conferences, and an instructor at numerous in-house training programs in reliability, statistics and quantitative finance. Previously she held an Assistant Professor position at Delft University of Technology and a trading analyst position in Shell Trading, London. She got her PhD in 1998 from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, and Oregon State University, USA, for the analysis of nonlinear and chaotic time series, and MSc degrees in computer science and in mathematics from Moscow and Utrecht.

Joan Dorrepaal

Senior IT Consultant

Lund, Sweden

Joan Willem Dorrepaal is the General Manager of BICycle BV, The Netherlands, since 1999 and he has built up the company from scratch. He manages the BI-Cycle's software products and services for large customers in Europe, North America and the Middle-East. Joan had first installed BI-Cycle at the Swedish Nuclear Power Industry in 1998 and he has been working in maintenance optimisation, reliability analysis and safety statistics since 1995. From 1994 till 1997, he had taken part in the Nordic Nuclear Safety research program. Joan had graduated in Applied Mathematics at Technical University Delft and Technical University Denmark in 1992 and he had completed his Post-graduate thesis "Analysis Tools for Reliability Databases" in 1995.

Wiebe Heitman

Senior Consultant

Hilversum, The Netherlands

Until mid 2016, Wiebe had been working as a Business Consultant in Shell Global Solution’s Availability Assurance Team, with the mission to articulate the Production Promise of Projects and support Operating Assets in their endeavours to improve reliability and boost production. This developed into his “golden years” of working with Shell, exposing him to all Business Sectors (E&P, LNG, Downstream, CtL, GtL), both in green-field projects and brown-field expansions. Through close co-operation with colleagues, he helped to make the Availability Assurance Team successful. The combination of his excellent contact-ability with people, thorough knowledge of Process Engineering and the technology of Production Availability and Reliability modelling and optimisation, and his affinity for front-line computing got him to be the longest serving Production Availability and Reliability specialist in Shell. Based on his knowledge of LNG processes and reliability data, he sas been instrumental in the development of future concepts, bringing a step-change in Shell’s LNG design capability. By direct involvement as well as public addresses he had been a key contributor for establishing the “Live Reliability” concept, reconciling traditional Production Availability and Reliability analysis with the insights provided by real life operating data.

Ernst Krauss

Senior Consultant

Perth, Australia

Ernst Krauss has an all round perspective on Asset Management and his achievements have been applauded by his peers, both in the industry and professional organisations. He has a passion for Asset Management and has contributed to its development through numerous industry leading studies, papers and conference participations, and he provides training and workshops on all its aspects. Ernst has lead all types of Reliability Engineering and Safety studies and he has developed processes to manage reliability at all levels in an organisation. In 2001 he received the Australian Maintenance Engineering Excellence Award. Ernst has a background in instrumentation and electrical engineering and he has 35 years experience in the petrochemical, mining and general industries, of which 18 years in Security of Supply, Risk Management and Maintenance and Reliability Engineering,

David Lim

Senior IT Consultant

Singapore, Singapore

David Lim began working on maintenance and inspection engineering management system in ARCO Refinery Los Angeles in 1989. Since then he replicated the same system to Chevron Los Angeles and Continental Airlines. By mid 90's David joined Strategic Information Systems in Singapore and was assigned to design, create and implement Asset Integrity Management systems (AIMs) for many Shell sites throughout South East Asia. Besides Oil Gas, has also worked on the AIM systems of Steel Mills, Container Terminals, Chemical Plants and others David is now running his own company called Primalux with a suite of integrity management systems called i.ENGINEER. The systems are highly graphical and addresses AIMS by adopting and integrating the methodologies of RBI, RCM and IPF.

Bert Pots

Senior Consultant

Oosterbeek, The Netherlands

Bert Pots is an internationally recognized materials and corrosion expert and top level consultant for Shell on asset integrity and on the effects of fluid flow on corrosion. His expertise also covers multi-phase flow, gas transport, polymer flow and LNG. Bert holds a Ph.D. in Plasma Physics from Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. He joined Shell Research in Amsterdam in 1979 and has held many technical and managerial postings worldwide. Bert developed the current Shell prediction model for internal corrosion in multi-phase production systems (HYDROCOR) and he also developed and applied techniques to measure the corrosive properties of fluids in production systems. He is one of the early developers of the Shell pipeline risk-based assessment (PIPE-RBA), which is now their standard tool for pipeline integrity assessment.

Rik Prager

Senior Consultant

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Rik Prager (MSc Delft University of Technology, Civil Engineering) is an Associate with Triple EEE Management Service and General Manager of Triple EEE Middle East in Abu Dhabi. Prior to joining Triple EEE, he worked in Shell International for 34 years in a number of different countries and assignments. These included 17 years in pipeline engineering, including all aspects of pipelines: concepts, project management and engineering, operations, integrity management, HSE management and oil spill response. In addition, he had more generalist positions, including Integrity Management Consultant with Shell Global Solutions, Facilities Integrity Manager of a giant project, Asset Manager in the North Sea and a Business Opportunity Manager in Nigeria.

Cyp van Rijn

Senior Consultant

Beverwijk, The Netherlands

Cyp van Rijn spent his active life in Shell Research, Amsterdam. Amongst others he managed a group in R&D on process optimisation and control in Shell's chemical industry. Later-on he became responsible for R&D on optimisation techniques for Shell world-wide, his group developed new decision support tools for oil production, refineries, chemical plants and logistics. He was active in organising IFAC and FOCAPO conferences, in initiating the Dutch Association for Reliability Engineering, in setting up and chairing the European Safety, Reliability and Data Association and in editorial/ review activities for technical journals. After his early retirement, he initiated an MSc course on Maintenance Management, where he now acts as a lecturer on reliability assessment and maintenance optimisation. He works part-time for the European Commission as a research evaluator / reviewer and as a senior consultant

Chaco van der Sijp

Senior Consultant

London, UK

Chaco is a metallurgist by trade with a 27 year track record in the metals and oil & gas industry. Qualified management consultant and innovator in the fields of risk, reliability, inspection and change management. Specialised in root cause analysis and challenge-driven innovation management. Since the early 90's he has constantly pioneered new best practices for corrosion control, risk-based Inspection, reliability-centred maintenance and defect elimination. He played a pivotal role at Shell in integrating all pro-active and reactive methods into a single equipment reliability framework. He holds a MSc degree from the University of Delft.

Hans van de Vorst

Managing Director

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

Hans van de Vorst studied Mathematics and Physics at Eindhoven University of Technology and graduated in 1982. After that, he enjoyed 2 years with the Royal Dutch Navy, supporting the introduction of new military disciplinary legislation. In 1984, he joined Shell Research in Amsterdam to set up the Parallel Computing project, which led to breakthroughs in 3D fluid flow simulation and large scale optimisation. In 1989, Hans joined the Shell Natural Gas organisation in London where he focussed on the identification of new business opportunities in East Europe and the former USSR. Hans coordinated most of Shell's activities on the Sakhalin II oil & gas development during its first 18 months. After that, he was asked to set up a Financial Risk Management program, partly in response to the growing pressure to introduce Real Option Valuation in the oil & gas industry. Together with an E&P team, he developed a new Portfolio Management framework that includes the basic structure of Shell's Opportunity Realisation Process and risked project economics. In 1998, Hans joined Shell Global Solutions where he built up and led the Availability Assurance Team that has become a key resource for the majority of Shell managed project development. Hans is now directing SecuoS.

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