SecuoS supports the application of the key International Standards that are relevant to Availability Assurance. The SecuoS Consultants had contributed significantly towards the development of some of these standards.

ISO 55000, 1, 2

ISO 55000, 1, 2: 2014 series on Asset Management.

The ISO 55000 series is the international standard, published in 2014, for asset management, that is the coordinated set of activities of an organisation to realise maximum value from their assets in the delivery of its objectives, and it applies to all industries. It is set up around the familiar 'Do – Check – Improve' learning cycle, involving all disciplines, and it outlines the requirements for an asset management system for continual improvement. Other key concepts include risk based decision making and the 'line of sight', providing a shared understanding of how the company strategy and objectives cascade from the top down to targets at all levels of the organisation.

In any business, there is an expectation that every asset will deliver on its promises by achieving its objectives, and a requirement that each asset provide assurance regarding its ability to meet this expectation. A risk based approach to internal control can be the basis for such assurance.

The ARTIS Live application guideline outlines what it means to develop and sustain a risk based approach, for the dimension of production availability, with the ARTIS Live application as one of the asset management plans, in line with the requirements of the ISO standard. It enables the organisation to optimise its responses to the risks to and opportunities for the production availability and maximise the lifetime value of their assets.

ARTIS Live takes a scientific and integrated approach through risk modelling, data collection, optimisation and reporting, with a mathematical background based on probability theory and statistical modelling. Its key advantage is that it provides a corporate model, fully quantified and validated, accessible and understandable for all, up-to-date with the current condition status, for reviewing and optimising the responses to the ups and downs. Assurance is built into every business process and ARTIS Live provides an agreed platform for that.

ISO 20815

ISO 20815:2018 Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries - Production assurance and reliability management.

ISO 20815:2008 introduces the concept of Availability Assurance within the systems and operations associated with exploration drilling, exploitation, processing and transport of petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas resources. ISO 20815:2008 covers upstream (including subsea), midstream and downstream facilities and activities. It focuses on Availability Assurance of oil and gas production, processing and associated activities and covers the analysis of reliability and maintenance of the components. The standard provides processes and activities, requirements and guidelines for systematic management, effective planning, execution and use of Availability Assurance and reliability technology. This is to achieve cost-effective solutions over the life cycle of an asset-development project structured around the following main elements: production-assurance management for optimum economy of the facility through all of its life-cycle phases, while also considering constraints arising from health, safety, environment, quality and human factors; planning, execution and implementation of reliability technology; application of reliability and maintenance data; and reliability-based design and operation improvement.

The ISO 20815:2008 standard alludes to specific techniques that can be used in Availability Assurance but it does not describe them in detail. SecuoS offers all tools and techniques to implement Availability Assurance programs.

ISO 14224

ISO 14224:2016 Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries - Collection and exchange of reliability and maintenance data for equipment.

This is a practical standard, based on data collection process of the industry leading Offshore REliability DAtabase, see OREDA. ISO 14224:2006 provides a comprehensive basis for the collection of reliability and maintenance data in a standard format for equipment in all facilities and operations within the petroleum, natural gas and petrochemical industries during the operational life cycle of equipment. It describes data-collection principles and associated terms and definitions that constitute a "reliability language" that can be useful for communicating operational experience. The failure modes defined in the standard can be used as a "reliability thesaurus" for various quantitative as well as qualitative applications. The standard also describes data quality control and assurance practices to provide guidance for the user.

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