ARTIS - Renewable energy

ARTIS was developed to provide managers and project developers with insight into the development of possible renewable energy projects in which the aspects of system integration and security of supply are paramount. The model covers all possible influences on demand, local generation and distribution, including weather influences and other random factors and calculates the expected remaining need for centrally generated power. This contributes to the objective weighing of all risks, the joint decision-making process and thus the speeding up of the energy transition.

How is this used for the energy transition? With ARTIS we answer the question how much external electricity is still needed, as a function of the development of demand, from hour to hour, and the progress of local generation, taking into account the development plans, maintenance and inspection plans, periodic and unplanned weather conditions and random failures. All critical factors are considered to build up an overall picture of the shortages of locally generated power that will have to be covered by external flexibility. You can try out ARTIS V2.4 with any recent Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera or Safari web browser by touching, tapping or clicking the image below; this will open the demonstration model on a new page in your browser and you can start the trial from there. ARTIS does not use any plug-ins or add-ons but you will need to have Javascript enabled.

The ARTIS V2.4 user interface, showing the renewable energy demonstration model.

After opening the demonstration model, the quick route to do a run is:

The demonstration model is based on a recent presentation .

You might save the demonstration model on your own computer (using your browser's "save as web page, complete") and continue from there to build your own model. For further guidance, please refer to the ARTIS wiki .

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