22 Dec 2018

ARTIS V2.4 has been released, for enhanced modelling of variabe renewable energy and integrated electric power systems and transmission networks, with an interface to Google maps.

You can play with, and run, the demonstration model and download the results. Because ARTIS has been built on the HTML5 standard, you will need a recent browser, and have Javascript enabled. There are no other requirements and the user interface can be operated in click free mode.

Jan - Dec 2018 During the course of the year, ARTIS V2.3 has been used to advise on a range of projects, in the Rotterdam industrial area and in a Singapore refinery.
22 Dec 2017 ARTIS V2.3 has been released, expanding on the reliability block diagram (RBD) tradition with the capability to model arbitrary directed graphs. ARTIS models can now be saved and communicated in JSON format, with a simple and concise syntax.
Sep - Nov 2017 For the first time, ARTIS has been used in the Offshore Wind industry, for modelling and optimisation of the electric power generation and transmission facilities of a new project in Australia.
22 Dec 2016 SecuoS BV has been incoporated in The Netherlands. SecuoS BV has taken over all activities of SecuoS LLC and aims to grow beyond Oil and Gas, in all industries that apply fault tree analysis for mission reliability and criticality studies.
1 Nov 2016

ARTIS V2.2 has been released, offering full touch pad support, fault tree analysis and criticality ranking. ARTIS V2.2 establishes the connection between fault tree analysis and production availability modelling. Their terminology and definitions have been aligned and both types of exercise can now be completed with a single model, killing two flies with one stone. In ARTIS, the binary state (success or failure) is used for fault tree analyses, instead of the continuous capacity scale. There are no other differences between fault tree and production availability models. The presentation of the fault tree analysis results has been made consistent with the production availability results, using the same website format.

ARTIS V2.2 automates, for the first time, a key part of the results analysis and interpretation, by providing tables with the criticality ranking of the downtime scenarios. For production availability, this provides the identification and ranking of the downtime scenarios and in fault tree analysis terms these are the minimum cut sets.

12 Jan 2016 The guide for the application of ARTIS Live, as part of an ISO 55000 Asset Management System, has been issued. The guide describes how an ARTIS Live application provides a complete platform for managing the risks to production availability, implement the line of sight and close the learning cycle for the asset management system. It applies to all industries with continuous production systems.
22 Dec 2014 ARTIS V2.1 has been released today, providing full support for Live applications.
2-3 Dec 2014 The Availability Assurance Workshop had been organised in Abu Dhabi, with participants from the ADNOC Group and from Basrah Gas Company. The 2-day workshop had been tailored at the request of the delegates to provide the high level overview of the Availability Assurance process on the first day and handle the exercises on the second day. The workshop also introduced the web reporting functionality of the new ARTIS V2.1 for Live applications.
24 Jun 2014 SecuoS and an Asian client have signed a consulting agreement for review of the design of one of the new large LNG export projects in the USA.
9 Dec 2013 SecuoS and an Asian client have signed a consulting agreement for review of the design of one of the new large LNG export projects in the USA.
7 Nov 2013 SecuoS and an Asian client have signed a consulting agreement for review of the design of one of the new large LNG export projects in the USA.
26-27 Sep and 3-4 Oct 2013 The Availability Assurance Workshops in London and Aberdeen had seen good participation from one of the major oil companies. In the feedback, the workshop was seen to be unique in that it provides a comprehensive overview of the availability and reliability subjects for a wide audience and in just two days time.
1 Jul 2013 ARTIS V1.1, that is the first public version, has been released today.
18 Jun 2012 SecuoS has been requested to carry out a status review of the implementation of the Availability Assurance process for the Ormen Lange project in Norway.

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