Security of Supply - Integrated Studies

The SecuoS consultants have been leading the delivery of integrated oil & gas development studies in many parts of the world. These studies have required the organisation and management of study teams from different companies and Joint Ventures. We have a unique experience in setting up, managing and delivering such joint studies, several of which in the Middle East and involving National Oil Companies. Our joint studies reach far beyond the traditional reliability modelling studies and help to bridge cultural, corporate and technical gaps.

A key benefit of such joint studies is that they build a discussion platform between the parties, thereby facilitating the agreement of key project assumptions and providing a means to identify, agree and develop win-win development alternatives with significant improvements of capital expenditure and project economics. These studies foster agreement between the up-and downstream project teams, adding value through global optimisation of the integrated system and strengthening the credibility of the project's ability to deliver.

The integrated studies capture value by design optimisation and they also provide an excellent starting point for the subsequent establishment, just prior to the start of operations, of the ARTIS Live application. The model, data and documentation should then be part of the project documentation and the hand-over from the project development to the operations. Starting the initial steps during the project development phase, or during project expansions, is most efficient because all the required engineering knowledge, from all disciplines, is readily accessible in the project development team.

Track record selection

Company Sector Project Location, year
Confidential Several companies Identification of mutual value enhancement opportunities The Netherlands, 2017
ADCO, GASCO Oil & Gas ADCO's expansion of their oil production capacity towards 1.8 Million bbl/day Abu Dhabi, 2002-2010
QatarGas 3&4 Gas QG3&4 project development, including the offshore gas supply Qatar, 2005-2006
Shell Gas & Power Gas Middle East LNG project development, including the offshore gas supply Middle East, 2008-2009
Shell E&P Oil & Gas Dubai CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery, including CO2 capturing alternatives Dubai, 2009

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