ARTIS, the Availability and Reliability Tracking Information System, is our web based modelling, reporting and training tool for computing the available capacity of a continuous production system that is subject to maintenance, inspection, testing, failure and repair. For example, it can be applied to oil and gas projects, gas liquefaction plants and refineries. Whereas process flow simulations can determine the maximum operating capacities, ARTIS calculates the available capacity levels of a system, their frequency and duration and the integrated system availability.

ARTIS can take as input the current state of the equipment items and then calculate the available capacity levels and production availability of the system, conditioned on the current state. This is the 'Live Application', called ARTIS Live, and may include upload interfaces to Plant Information, Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Condition Monitoring and other databases.

ARTIS has two components:

The ARTIS user interface has some unique strengths:

The ARTIS engine has some unique strengths too; is based on robust and efficient analytical and numerical mathematical methods and does not rely on Monte Carlo simulations. Even for models with thousands of equipment items, the ARTIS runs are quick and free of statistical noise. For large models, where Monte Carlo based tools may take hours or more, the typical ARTIS run times remain below 1 minute. Using one and the same model, the ARTIS engine can cover all different scenarios:

Use cases

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