ARTIS - V2.4

ARTIS V2.4 was released on 22 December 2018. The ARTIS user interface runs in the web browser and the results are produced in the Cloud. The ARTIS user interface is provided free of charge and requires no software installation but the free version only allows limited runs. ARTIS is fully owned and maintained by SecuoS. The ARTIS user interface is open source under GPL version 3 and it will remain HTML5 compliant. It calls upon the ARTIS cloud service for making the runs and you'll need to be online for that. The cloud service is hosted on a secure Linux platform.

You can try out ARTIS V2.4 with any recent Chrome, Edge Firefox, Opera or Safari web browser by touching, tapping or clicking the image below; this will open the demonstration model on a new page in your browser and you can start the trial from there. ARTIS does not use any plug-ins or add-ons but you will need to have Javascript enabled.

The ARTIS V2.4 user interface, showing the demonstration model.

After opening the demonstration model, the quick route to do a run is:

You might save the demonstration model on your own computer (using your browser's "save as web page, complete") and continue from there to build your own model. For further guidance, please refer to the ARTIS wiki .

For commercial use, SecuoS offers both short- and long term service agreements.

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